Saturday, 28 April 2012

Places that I go for holiday

Well, I have been to many places for holiday
such as Padang and Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia, Sabah, Melaka and lastly Pulau Langkawi

But, most of the pictures are already deleted or gone missing... 
(the picture is Googled)

I pick Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia

at first we landed in Padang, Indonesia
then we rode a bus to Bukit Tinggi.
I went there with my mother and sister, for us it is a trip to have a look at our origin place. Since we are Minang people, going to Bukit Tinggi makes us nervous just thinking about it.

this is the infamous Minangkabau house, we see these a lot in Bukit Tinggi. They are mostly surrounded by paddy field with different colour because they only plant it for themselves to eat.

This is the first place we visit, 'Tasik Maninjau' as in the observing lake.
it is actually at the peak of a volcano. But its already 'dead' hence the lake is formed because the lava is frozen and water filled up the volcano.
The journey to the lake was life risking and dizzy, because the road was build very steep, small (only a car can pass through) and it had 42 curve or bend.

Next we visit the birthplace of Hamka, the famous writer and novelist.

After that we visited the 'Istano Si Linduang Bulan' as in The Palace that protects the moon.

This is the external

This is inside the palace

We have to wait for few minutes before allowed to enter the palace because the meeting of the 'Adat' people are taking place.
This palace is actually a replacement palace located few metres away of the 'Istano Pagar Ruyung' as the original palace has burnt down in a fire that took place in 1961.
Full exterior of the palace

But I heard 'Istano Si Linduang Bulan' also burn down recently, in 2010 after being struck by lightning. Thus they built up a new palace in a new location named 'Istano Basa Pagar Ruyung'

After a the trip to the lake we visited 'Lobang Jepang' as in the Japanese Hole made by Japenese soldier as a hideout during World War 2.

This is the entrance gate

This is inside the hole. Pictures are hard to take because the picture are quite blurred.

This is all I can tell you guys about my holiday in Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia.

Happy past holidays everyone!!!

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