Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Hobbies

Assalamualaikum and whats up dearie...

this is a hard topic for me,
because i'm actually a girl with few hobby... really, not much.
other than web surfing, I pretty much do not do anything else.
after a deep thought, i came up to conclusion that
i might have other hobby, which is: 

Watching Anime

This is some of my favorite anime of all time (my opinion only)
Some of them are old ones and some is newly released... All in all, i love anime.

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
In this one, i love how the hero Shouran stay by Sakura side.
The Blue Exorcist (Ao No Exorcist)
I love their brother love in this anime. How the little brother spent his life learning and mastering ways to protect his older brother who did not know that fact and his hidden mysteries.

Air Gear
interested about the Air Blade and the main character (Ikki) and his dream of becoming the best player and the journey to bring victory to his group.

Fantastic Children
The story of mysterious children that appear in each century with the same face and characteristic that is they will disappear after their hair turn grey.

This is a long running anime and still running.

and that is all. I do not know about others, but this is all I can remember and loved.

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